My story

My name is Vladimír Čech, I was born in March of the 1988s in the wild west of the Czech Republic and I am a photographer, a photographer of nature.

“Camera traps are not part of the boredom of one rainy afternoon, but the project I’ve been carrying in my head for several years, but with more effort, I threw it at the turn of 2016/17, and I must say it really got me.”


The brightest ones already know it is a photographic project, but they probably not know that it’s a unique sight to capture nature and wildlife. With the help of the so-called * DSLR camera traps, I photograph in the wild the otherwise invisible, shy and often very rare animals. Not only when the light permits, but also at night and almost “on touch” using a short, wide-angle lens.
*DSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex
You surely know the classic trail camera traps, used for example to monitor animals or property watching. They are a source of valuable information, but the picture quality is awkward, especially at night, which is quite a problem when you shooting animals with predominantly night activity. That’s why I decided to build my own trap and literally build a photographic studio in the middle of a forest with the help of classic SLR, motion sensors and external lights.
I will not steal foreign ideas, this technique is definitely not my patent, it has been used by the best for decades. National Geographic and photographers such as Michael “Nick” Nichols, and for me particulary Steve Winter, made this journey to imaginary perfection. Today, this alternative style of photography is becoming more available and more popular in the world, however, possessing technology and producing results are two different worlds.
I started to think about camera traps a few years back (2014) when looking at S. Winter’s famous pictures and the pivotal role played again my favourite tigers in which I am a little crazy.
When I was preparing for tiger expedition for the first time, I did not have much information (social networks were still in their infancy), I usually met with the idea of not exaggerating expectations that I will shoot one big nothing. I will not obscure anything, I really brought nothing, but at the same time valuable experience and vision that it will go…
You might not expect it, but the problem with tigers is that they are not in Czech nature! Sadly, I’m not the type of photographer who uses the shutter and takes everything, everywhere and all the time. I need a challenge to click/shoot/create. Just someone who says it is not possible! Maybe you already know where I’m heading.
The tiger is not that far, and even the European tiger is nicknamed…EURASIAN LYNX, our biggest cat and my challenge. The perfect top predator and, at the same time, the centerpiece of many controversies among the european people.
Lynx is the focal point of the project, my greatest driving force, but certainly not the only kind I will focus on in the future. Ideas are a lot, but time and technique not too many so far …

steve winter and myself

* I do not believe in fate or similar buzz, but an unexpected encounter with the master of this “field” S. Winter just a few months before the first partial achievements of my own project bit me slightlyPerhaps he had transferred some of the necessary photographic luck to me? (Take it with exaggeration of course, note editorial)

For more information, photos from a little bit of “another barrel” can be found at links below …